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DIY Plumbing For Beginners

Posted by on September 17, 2016
Do you enjoy DIY projects and plumbing or do you simply prefer to be self- sufficient around your own house? These useful tips will definitely ‘give you a hand’.

Ensure your pipes warm

An essential bit of plumbing advice to keep in mind is to avoid letting the pipes freeze during the cold months of the year. In particular, this rule applies to the exterior piping. It is pretty self-explanatory: imagine that your cold water pipes are touching the façade of a given building. The pipes could freeze during the winter season if not used due to the drastic fall in temperatures.  The best way to keep your homes pipes warm is to insulate them accordingly.

Perform regular check-ups

Whether or not you are currently working on a specific project, you should regularly check the visible pipes of your plumbing system for any warning signs or alarm bells. Obviously, you are not a professional or an expert on the topic, but just look for obvious issues which are easy to view, such as rust, buckling, and dripping water. This will eliminate the chance of dealing with any surprises like water puddles that can ruin your floors or you’re your furniture. 

Keep a close eye on your kitchen sink

While complementary to the tip above, you need to pay close attention to this tip. Every once in a while, take a look at the pipes underneath your sink. Sink pipes can very easily get blocked. These blockages often cause sudden leaking. Check for leaks every once in a while to ensure that everything is working properly. 

Consider a frost- free hose bib

You might want to consider installing a frost- free hose bib to enjoy a perfectly working plumbing system all year round. This add-on is very useful if the pipe goes through cement foundation. The frost- free hose will allow you to turn off the water supply closer to the inside of the house to ensure that the pipes do not freeze up. 

Check your radiator pitch

The radiator pitch check-up should be conducted every 12 months because with time radiators tend to sag. In order to enjoy their full potential, you should make it a custom to check your radiator with a level and if it is needed you should pitch it towards the supply valve. This allows the condensed water to drain back to the boiler. 

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