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Solutions for a Blocked Toilet in Adelaide

Posted by on June 8, 2020

Do you have a blocked toilet in Adelaide? Then we are the solution you are looking for.

Blocked toilets cause many inconveniences. From water overflowing to further water damages, a clogged toilet is not something to ignore. At Adelaide 24 hour plumbing, we have the experience, knowledge, as well as the latest equipment to fix your blocked toilets.

Unblocking a toilet is not as hard as it may seem. You can unclog it the old-fashioned way using a plunger. But if you notice the problem has already escalated beyond your knowledge, then it is time to contact a plumber.

However, if mindful enough about your toilet’s status, you will end up avoiding plenty of damages. Paying attention to the normalcy of your toilet’s operation gives you an advantage of immediately identifying any problem when it arises. You, therefore, can attend to the issue before it gets out of hand.

Tips for Preventing Toilet Clogs

Although it is mostly inevitable, you can easily find yourself with a blocked toilet. So, what exactly can you do to avoid such an occurrence?

First, you must know what to keep away from your toilet. Things like baby diapers, sanitary towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, and toys are what mostly clog toilets. Therefore, make sure you dispose of such materials the required way to keep your toilet from clogging.

Whenever people reach out to us concerning a blocked toilet, it is usually a foreign object that accidentally fell in the toilet. Although accidents are bound to happen, you can always avoid unnecessary toilet clogs by keeping the toilet lid closed.

Avoid using too much toilet paper because from our experience it is the most common cause of a blocked toilet. Toilet papers are meant to dissolve in water, but if you use too much, the toilet might have too much to comprehend.

Side Effects of a Blocked Toilet

Poor Drainage

This is one of the most common damages brought about by a clogged toilet. When your toilet blocks, then water will have a hard time passing through the drain. If ignored for too long, the water will start travelling back and eventually overflow.

Health Hazards

Severe clogs can pose some significant health issues to the people in your home, including yourself. Contaminated water from the toilet blocking can cause skin irritation. Because after some time the clog brings in bad odours, those with airborne allergies and asthma might suffer some irritation.

Bad Odours

Flushing the toilet means you get rid of the waste and its smell as well. However, when your toilet blocks, it means that the waste does not go anywhere, and the smell remains. Your house, therefore, ends up smelling like a hip of garbage. This makes it very unpleasant to be in your home.

How to Unclog a Toilet Using a Plunger

With proper waterproof gloves, you can unclog your toilet using a heavy-duty rubber plunger. Insert the plunger into the bowl and make sure it completely covers the hole. Pump the plunger into the hole slowly at first and increase the pressure continually. Vigorously push and pull the plunger but be patient as it usually takes about15 to 20 cycles for the toilet to unclog.

However, if the plunger does not work and you suspect a larger issue, then we recommend seeking professional plumbing assistance. Highly skilled plumbers will have a perfect solution to your problem.

So, if you have a blocked toilet in Adelaide, contact Adelaide 24 hour plumbing on 1300 113 550 to service and maintain your Blocked Toilets using our sophisticated drain camera and drain cleaning equipment.


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